Life’s a Rehearsal promo video released

The BBO recorded a live rehearsal back in February as part of the celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the band.

The songs are in the final mixes and were recorded to give a snapshot of how the band sound in rehearsal every Thursday. It also shows the more progressive side of the band, and reflects a broader musical repertoire than has previously been recorded.

The band stays true to its roots, but as a rehearsal band first and foremost, it is a good reflection of the band and its members as they enter the 26th year.

A promotional video featuring three of the tracks; Children of Sanchez, Alright, OK, You Win and Sing, Sing, Sing act as a soundtrack to interviews with original members, Ron Long and Tricia Bassett, together with other band members including, Adam Linnell, Rod Kirton and Bill Skelton.

The songs will be released as a collection called ‘Life’s a Rehearsal’.

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