Please enjoy the videos we have created which share the history of the band as well as some of our live performances.We have our own YouTube Channel and there is also the DVD you can purchase of our 25th Anniversary Concert Timeline

Here is an excerpt from our 30th anniversary concert which took place on the 4th June 2016 at Arts4every1.

Tricia Bassett performing Orange Coloured Sky.

Shiny Stockings, sung by Tricia Bassett – Taken from the Timeline Concert DVD

String of Pearls – Taken from the BBO Timeline Anniversary DVD

Life’s a rehearsal – Promotional Video

This video was recorded at a BBO rehearsal in September 2012, as part of the band’s 25th anniversary timeline. The first bit was captured live with the band playing Alright, OK, You Win! The rest is a montage of clips of the band members, featuring the band backing track, of the same song, if not the same arrangement, recorded for the band’s rehearsal album, Life’s a rehearsal. (Vocals to follow)

BBO Timeline Anniversary Concert – Interviews with the band

The band upload videos from concerts to our YouTube Channel.