BBO Hedsor Jazz Club Review

Hedsor Jazz
Autumn is approaching, and we turn away from thinking of means of keeping cool, to means of staying warm! Now in jazz, we have both cool and hot!

BUT last weeks Big Band night with the BBO was just AMAZING! Getting all of the brass and the drums onto Hedsor Club’s stage was almost magic too!
The sound generated was terrific, and some of the well known tunes came out sounding fresh, which was a blessing. How many of us have gone to big band concert events to hear the same arrangements we have all heard before being played again (and maybe not too well!). This time, they were fresh, and the jazz tinged solos we, well “jazzy”!
Many of you will have noticed that amongst the band members were members of other big bands, including some that are very well know!
The tightness of the staging did lead me to some worry. The bass trombone kept coming to within inches of the baritone saxophone players head. And I had to smile in that the sax section was kept in there place at either end by 2 sharps! Mr and Mrs!
It was so good to see John Jordan there after his close inspection of Wexham Park hospital  earlier in the week. It was great to see Joan there too, able to enjoy her birthday WITH John. Their daughter had also gone abundance (a term usually used in Bridge I believe) with the catering. So a memorable night for all who came. AND enough money was raised to pass on £570 to “The Thames Valley Adventure Playground”. So you see, being charitable can also be fun!